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We understand that individuals who receive fair treatment and pay give heightened dedication, loyalty, and professionalism.

This commitment to fair pay and career progression opportunities for all our staff ensures the excellent cleaning service we're recognised for, and we seek clients who align with these values.

A significant number of our team members have surpassed the five-year mark with us, many evolving into new roles, and we take pride in those who've moved on to seize fresh opportunities, a testament to our investment in their growth.

Senior Management Team



Ben has over 20 years experience serving customers. His first venture was Lucy Hall, a waiting staffing agency for the likes of Selfridges, Harrods and the Albert Hall.

He then successfully exited Lucy Hall to form Clean Network with the simple mantra of good cleaning at affordable prices alongside a happy and well rewarded cleaning team.

Additionally, Ben's barista training ensures he crafts an exceptional cup of coffee.



Charlie is a perpetual mover, having called three continents home. Driven by a compulsion to challenge the status quo, he thrives on innovation and values promises kept as much as raising the bar. Beyond his quest for improvement, Charlie is a keen runner with 7 marathons in 7 days challenge imminent early part of 2024

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